Women's Rights

A fundamental truth of our society is that each one of us is equal to another. Around the country, we are seeing more and more attacks on women’s rights. While Illinois has managed to avoid that for the most part, we must never lose sight that some people are still trying to take away women’s fundamental rights and status as equal citizens.

Whether that equality is in the right to self-determination and bodily autonomy in regards to pregnancy, or being paid equal to men for the same work, or any other basis on which people try to discriminate against women, IVI-IPO will always support women's’ right to equal treatment in our society.

IVI-IPO supports

  • Comparable-worth legislation

  • Retention of Title IX protections

  • The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution

  • Retention of the guarantees of Roe v. Wade

  • Public funding for abortions for indigent women

  • Requiring publicly funded medical facilities to provide abortion services

  • Requiring insurance policies to cover all FDA approved methods of birth control and all legal abortion procedures.

IVI-IPO opposes

  • Consent or notification, waiting periods, restrictions on types or timing of procedures or any other abridgement of abortion rights

  • “Conscience clauses” that allow pharmacists and medical practitioners to deny legal procedures or products to patients or that allow employers to deny insurance coverage of legal procedures or products to their employees