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IVI-IPO Endorsements for 2022 Primary Election

Only those who submitted a questionnaire by the application deadline and are in contested races were eligible for endorsement.

Endorsements applicable only for the June 28, 2022 primary. IVI-IPO will do a new round for the November general.

Secretary of State – D

David H. Moore

Congress 1st District – D

Pat Dowell

Congress 7th District – D

Danny K. Davis

Congress 13th District - D

David Palmer

Congress 17th District - D

Angie Normoyle

State Senate 16th District – D

Willie Preston

State House 4th District – D

Lilian Jimenez

State House 13th District – D

Hoan Huynh

State House 15th District – D

Michael Patrick Rabbitt

State House 25th District – D

Josef Michael Carr

State House 72nd District – D

Thurgood Brooks

State House 79th District – D

Erin Slone

State House 91st District – D

Karla Bailey-Smith

Cook County Board President – D

Toni Preckwinkle

Cook County Assessor – D

Fritz Kaegi

MWRD Commissioner 6-year – D

Yumeka Brown

Mariyana T. Spyropoulos

Sharon Waller

MWRD Commissioner 2-year – D

Chakena D. Perry

Cook County Commissioner 2nd District – D

Dennis Deer

Cook County Commissioner 5th District – D

Vernard L. Alsberry, Jr.

Cook County Commissioner 8th District – D

Anthony Joel Quezada

Cook County Commissioner 9th District – D

Maggie Trevor

Cook County Commissioner 16th District – D

Leticia "Letty" Garcia

Cook County Commissioner 17th District – D

Daniel T. Calandriello

State Central Committeewoman (D) 5th District

Nancy Shepherdson

State Central Committeeman (D) 6th District

Patrick Watson

State Central Committeeman (D) 9th District

Michael Cabonargi

State Central Committeeman (D) 11th District

Peter Janko

State Central Committeeman (D) 14th District

Michael Crowner

Bloom Township Committee - D

Adam Winston

New Trier Township Committee - R

Charles Hutchinson

2nd Supreme Thomas Vacancy – D

Rene Cruz

1st Appellate Hall Vacancy – D

Debra B. Walker

1st Appellate Harris Vacancy – D

John H. Ehrlich

2nd Appellate Burke Vacancy – D

Chris Kennedy

3rd Appellate Wright Vacancy – D

James A. Murphy

Cook County Circuit Court Cannon Vacancy - D

Monica G. Somerville

Cook County Circuit Court Lynch Vacancy - D

Deidre Baumann

Cook County Circuit Court McGury Vacancy - D

Chelsey Renece Robinson

Cook County Circuit Court O'Brien Vacancy - D

Dan Balanoff

Cook County Circuit Court Sullivan Vacancy - D

Thomas More Donnelly

Cook County 1st Subcircuit Johnson Vacancy – D

John W. Wilson

Cook County 4th Subcircuit Roger Vacancy – D

Jerry Barrido

Cook County 5th Subcircuit Portman-Brown Vacancy – D

David L. Kelly

Cook County 5th Subcircuit Shelley Vacancy – D

Timothy W. Wright, III

Cook County 6th Subcircuit Vega Vacancy – D

David S. Rodriguez

Cook County 7th Subcircuit Martin Vacancy – D

Owens "Joe" Shelby

Cook County 8th Subcircuit Gordon Vacancy – D

Bradley R. Trowbridge

Cook County 9th Subcircuit Cleveland Vacancy – D

Sanjay Tailor

Cook County 9th Subcircuit Jacobius Vacancy – D

Barry Goldberg

Cook County 11th Subcircuit McGuire Vacancy – D

Aileen Bhandari

Cook County 13th Subcircuit Groebner Vacancy – D

Joe Gump

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