Health, Human Services, and Housing

They say that you don’t have anything without your health. Being mortal creatures, there’s a measure of truth to that. But when we talk about “health”, it goes far beyond just your body, it goes to all of the fundamental things which allow us to survive in the world. This includes both physical and mental health; it includes having a safe place to stay at night; and it includes having a society that will make sure those who need help can get it.

IVI-IPO supports

  • A universal, single-payer health plan

  • Increased funding for AIDS research, education, voluntary and confidential testing, and patient care

  • Funding for child care, job training, transportation and other services to help workers find and keep jobs

  • Mandatory cost of living increases for public aid recipients

  • Increased accessibility of SNAP (food stamps)

  • Greater state responsibility for housing the homeless

  • A federally funded public housing system for those at or below the poverty level

  • A national Public Housing Trust Fund

  • Inclusionary zoning to mandate set-asides for affordable housing in new developments as defined by local median

  • Legislation at all levels of government prohibiting discrimination based on source of income

  • State, county, and municipal legislation to protect tenants’ rights

  • Legislation to allow home rule municipalities to enact rent control

IVI-IPO opposes

  • Demolition of existing public housing units without new or rehabilitated replacement housing on a one-for-one basis