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Endorsement Results!

We are so grateful to all the candidates who applied for our endorsement, and their desire to keep our democracy strong.  We had many races in which we liked more than one candidate, and it was genuinely a difficult decision.  But in the end, we can only endorse one candidate per race.  Please Remember: We only endorse in contested races, and only for candidates who have submitted a questionnaire.  Here are our picks in the 2024 Primary

US House of Representatives

Mahnoor Ahmad - 6th Dist. 

Danny Davis - 7th Dist. 

Qasim Rashid - 11th Dist. 

Illinois House 

Kim Neely Du Buclet - 5th Dist. 

Amy "Murri" Briel - 76th Dist. 

Arad Boxenbaum - 83rd Dist. 

Illinois Senate 

Graciela Guzman - 20th Dist. 

Cook County

Chicago Ward Committeeperson

45th Ward - Michael Rabbitt 

Clerk of the Court

Mariyana Spyropoulos

MWRD Commissioner

Marcelino Garcia (D) (6yr)

Kari Steele (D) (6yr)

Sharon Waller (D) (6yr)


IL Supreme Court

Joy Cunningham - (Burke vacancy)

IL Appellate Court

1st Dist. - Celia Louise Gamrath (Delort Vacancy)

1st Dist. - Cynthia Cobbs (Cunningham Vacancy)

3rd Dist. - John Anderson

Cook County Circuit Court

Countywide:  Pablo deCastro (Flannery Vacancy) 

7th Subcircuit:  Owens J. Shelby 

11th Subcircuit: Audrey Cosgrove (Deleo Vacancy) 

15th Subcircuit: Allen Price Walker (Demacopoulous Vacancy) 

18th Subcircuit: Sunil Bhave (Edidin Vacancy) 

18th Subcircuit: John Hock (Linn Vacancy)

19th Subcircuit: Dave Heilmann

20th Subcircuit:  Michael Zink 

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