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Older IVI–IPO Mission Statement [Pre-Summer 2003]

We believe that those who are affected by the decisions of government must be consulted by those who govern. It is the right of citizens to have access to the instruments of power; it is their duty to learn to use them effectively and wisely. We seek to elect to public office men and women who will serve with wisdom and imagination, while remaining responsive to those who gave them office. We seek to build a citizenry confident in this capacity to select its leaders and to take part in the making of public policy.

The IVI–IPO seeks to achieve this program for the community at large by means of broadly based citizen involvement in the political process. We will serve to make visible a political community which is at once energetic and humane. All who have a stake in our decisions will participate in making them; all who participate will share the responsibility for implementation. By fostering responsible citizen participation in public affairs, by promoting fresh, responsive and democratic political leadership, by demonstrating in our ways of work the wisdom of popular democracy, we seek to bring about a new political order in our community.

Toward these ends, the IVI–IPO will seek:

  • To inform the people of Illinois about political issues.
  • To educate ourselves and others on the problems of legislation, administration and political leadership.
  • To organize for and to engage in political action.
  • To nominate and to elect qualified candidates to public office.
  • To mobilize the IVI–IPO in support of democratic objectives through constitutional means.
  • To insure the honest and impartial conduct of elections and voter registration.
  • To work to increase the measure of freedom, security and justice for all.

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