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IVI-IPO Endorsements for April 17, 2007
Municipal Elections


Candidates endorsed by IVI-IPO are in bold red typeface

* indicates candidates who are no longer on the ballot  

Chicago Endorsements




Jose Cerda III

Miguel del Valle

Diane Jones









Bob Fioretti endorsed

Ald. Madeline Haithcock

Kenny Johnson


Scott Waguespack

Catherine Zaryczny endorsed


Pat Dowell endorsed

Benjamin Harris

Mell Monroe



Esteban Burgoa *

Ald. Rey Colón endorsed

Vilma Colom

Miguel Sotomayor


Ald. Toni Preckwinkle endorsed


Ald. Vi Daley

Tim Egan

Rachel Goodstein

Michele Smith

Peter Zelchenko


William Burch

Denise Dixon

Janice Jeffries

Felicia Simmons-Stovall endorsed


Chris Adams

Jim Ginderske

Donald Gordon

Ald. Joe Moore endorsed


Paul Stewart endorsed


Salman Aftab

Greg Brewer

Naisy Dolar endorsed


Leroy Jones endorsed






Suburban Endorsements




Park Forest Mayor
John Ostenburg

Park Forest Mayor
Paul Jasinevicius





Park Forest Mayor John Ostenburg


Park Forest Mayor Paul Jasinevicius


Miguel Del Valle
Chicago City Clerk

One of the most honest, incorruptible public officials in Illinois, Miguel del Valle is the perfect choice to fill the office of Clerk, with its sad history of bribery, kickbacks and other official misconduct.  With twenty years of legislative efforts to reduce the influence of money in politics, and his pledge not to accept contributions from city vendors or employees of the office, del Valle will be an official who  uses his position for the public good, and not for private gain.  He has already begun the effort to transform the clerk’s website into a better information source for city services and city council legislation and promises to continue to make the city council workings more transparent and city services more accessible to the public. 


Bob Fioretti
Alderman 2nd Ward

A civil rights attorney, Bob Fioretti has been an advocate for those who did not have a voice.  He is running to give the residents of the 2nd ward, one of the most economically, ethnically and geographically diverse wards in the city, a voice in the decisions that affect them.  Fioretti will set up community advisory councils to consult on local issues and will work with neighborhood and business groups to generate new ideas for economic development that go beyond high-end residential construction.  He has pledged not to accept campaign contributions from developers, and to introduce an ordinance that bans Pay to Play politics in the City Council.


Pat Dowell
Alderman 3rd Ward

Urban planner and community activist Pat Dowell’s main goal for the aldermanic office is to restore the people’s confidence by providing an accessible and courteous office and focusing on the ward’s need for better public safety, education, retail opportunities, job growth and consistent, high quality city services.  She would create a community accountability council to furnish residents and community organizations input into the larger decisions affecting the ward.  Dowell has several innovative ideas for securing business support for local schools, including asking developers in TIF districts to adopt a school and provide funds for special projects to offset the revenue that the school will not be receiving due to the TIF.


Felicia H. Simmons-Stovall
Alderman 15th Ward

A sharp critic of Renaissance 2010, attorney Felicia Simmons-Stovall presents thoughtful and realistic alternatives for dealing with the problem of failing schools.  She suggests state certification for teachers as a condition for tenure and endorsement in the subject they teach.  Reconstitution, as a last resort, would involve only teachers and administrators under Simmons-Stovall’s plan, and students would not have to leave their neighborhood schools.  She also supports all-day kindergarden, more local control over school spending, and an elected School Board.


Paul Stewart
Alderman 18th Ward

Urban Planner Paul Stewart is already working with community organizations in the Ashburn neighborhood to develop a direct marketing plan to attract new retail and commercial development to the business areas of the ward.  He also intends to create advisory councils to provide residents with input in planning and to hold monthly accountability sessions with his constituents.  Stewart’s top priority is to end the overcrowding at Bogan High School through construction of a new high school which has been long-promised, but not yet built.  He also calls for realignment of Police Districts to better serve all neighborhoods and supplementing beat officers with specialized units that would be deployed as needed to address specific instances of crime patterns.


Scott Waguespack
Alderman 32nd Ward

Rey Colón
Alderman 35th Ward

Endorsed by IVI-IPO and elected four years ago in the most stunning electoral upset of the year, Rey Colón has become a leader for social and economic justice in the City Council.  A chief sponsor of the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance, he worked tirelessly lobbying his colleagues to support the bill, and to defeat the Mayoral veto.  Undaunted by the successful override, he pledges to support a new, more comprehensive ordinance and secure a veto-proof majority.   Colón is also a co-sponsor of the inclusionary zoning ordinance requiring set-asides for affordable housing and has already instituted a set-aside requirement for developments in his ward.

Michelle Smith
Alderman 43rd Ward


Joe Moore
Alderman 49th Ward

Few alderman ever exhibit any independence from the Mayor; Joe Moore speaks out frequently and assertively against patronage, corruption, government waste and inefficiency.  He has introduced the Accountability in Privatization Ordinance, to examine whether public funds paid to private contractors are being properly spent, and is chief sponsor of an ordinance requiring the City to cease fighting the Shakman decree.  Moore is also a leader for social and economic justice, as co-sponsor of the Big Box Living Wage and Affordable Housing Set-aside ordinances, and resolutions condemning the Patriot Act and calling for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.  In his ward, he has initiated and presided over a dramatic revival of several neighborhood commercial districts, while being vigilant in preserving the diverse ethnic and economic character of Rogers Park.  Moore is a diligent representative and trustworthy leader of his community, and the independent conscience of the City Council.


Naisy Dolar
Alderman 50th Ward

Community and political activist Naisy Dolar promises energetic leadership and true participatory democracy in the 50th ward.  She has already established a Residents’ Action and Advisory Council and will support creation of Community Planning and TIF Oversight boards whose recommendations she pledges to follow.  Her priorities for the development of the ward include enabling Devon Avenue to realize its full potential as a thriving international marketplace, revitalizing the Touhy Avenue business district, and ensuring that housing remains affordable to renters as well as homeowners.   Dolar also will establish a service office with staff that is efficient and responsive to the multi-lingual population of the ward. 



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