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Judy Baar-Topinka  

Lt. Governor
Steven Rauschenberger

3rd Congress
Raymond G. Wardingley

52nd State Representative
Mark H Beaubien, Jr.

56th State Representative
Paul Froehlich

9th County Board
Peter N. Silvestri

Maine Township Committeeman
Robert A. Provenzano

Schaumburg Township Committeeman
Paul Froehlich


Rod R. Blagojevich  

Alexander Giannoulias  

President of the Cook County Board
Forrest Claypool  

Water Reclamation District Commissioner
Dean T. Maragos
Debra Shore
Terrence J. O'Brien
Lewis W. Powell III

Thomas J. Dart

1st Congress
Phillip Jackson

3rd Congress
John P. Sullivan

5th Congress
Rahm Emanuel

6th District
Christine Cegelis

7th Congress
Danny K. Davis

10 Congress
Zane Smith

13th Congress
Bill Reedy

14th Congress
Ruben Kanhai Zamora

1st State Senate
Oscar Torres

12th State Senate
Eduardo "Eddie" Garza

33rd State Senate
Dan Kotowski

39th State Senate
Don Harmon

2nd State Representative
Francisco Rodriguez

7th State Representative
Karen A. Yarbrough

25th State Representative
Barbara Flynn Currie

26th State Representative
Louvana S. "Lou" Jones

29th State Representative
David E. Miller

33nd State Representative
Marlow H. Colvin

1st Appellate Court-Hartigan Vacancy
Kathleen G. Kennedy

1st Appellate Court-Hartman Vacancy
Joy Virginia Cunningham

1st Subcircuit Crooks Vacancy
Carl Anthony Walker

5th Subcircuit Greene-Thapedi Vacancy
Stephen Stern
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6th Subcircuit - Jorzak Vacancy
Ramon Ocasio III

10th Subcircuit - Golniewcz Vacancy
James Michael McGing

5th County Board
Dian M. Powell 

6th County Board
Robert L. Ryan Jr.

7th County Board
Leonard "Len" Dominguez

4th District State Central Committeeman
Ricardo Muñoz
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8th District State Central Committeewoman
Nancy Shepherdson

9th District State Central Committeeman
William A. Marovitz

10th District State Central Committeeman
Alan E. Prochaska

Cicero Township Committeeman
Charles G. Hernandez

Elk Grove Township Committeeman
R. Kent Kirkwood

Hanover Township Committeman
Frederick Joseph Hossfeld

Proviso Township Committeman
Karen A. Yarbrough

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