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State Board Elections Are Underway

Reminder To All Members:
Elections for 2019-20 IVI-IPO Board delegates and Chapter officers are now underway. Ballots were mailed on July 1st to all good-standing members.
"Last Chance to Receive A Ballot" letters were mailed to Members whose dues should have been paid in April 2019. If you are one of these members, pay before July 15, 2019 (either by check or PayPal) and you are still entitled to have a ballot mailed to you, and it will be mailed out to you as promptly as possible.
Only members in good standing - whose dues are paid to date - are eligible to vote. If you have not paid your dues your payment and your ballot must be in the office no later than Monday, July 22!

Pay online through our website:

Read the state and board candidate bios here: 2019-20Bios.pdf

View the ballots here:
Statewide: 2019BallotSTATEWIDE.pdf
Far North: 2019BallotFARNORTH.pdf
Near North: 2019BallotNEARNORTH.pdf
Northwest: 2019BallotNORTHWEST.pdf
South: 2019BallotSOUTH.pdf
Unorganized Chicago areas: 2019BallotUnorganizedCITY.pdf
Unorginized Suburban Cook County: 2019BallotUnorganizedSUBURBS.pdf
Unorganized Downstate areas: 2019BallotUnorganizedDOWNSTATE.pdf

The deadline for voting will be 5 pm, Monday, July 22. Ballots received after 5 pm will not be counted. Members who did not receive a ballot in the mail or need a replacement ballot can follow the self-service instructions below for submitting their ballots.

Self-Service Instructions for Ballots for Board Elections: Self-ServiceBoardBallotInstructions2019.pdf

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