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Endorsed candidates
in November 6, 2012 General Election


President of the United States

Barack Obama - Joe Biden

US Congress
Janice D. Schakowsky  9th District
David M. Gill  13th District
Dennis Anderson  14th District
Illinois State Senate
Michael Noland  22nd District
Corinne M. Pierog  25th District
Amanda Howland  26th District
Illinois State House
Lou Lang  16th District
Robyn Gabel  18th District
Elaine Nekritz  57th District
Cook County Offices
Dorothy A. Brown  Clerk of the Circuit Court
Karen A. Yarbrough  Recorder of Deeds
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Debra Shore
Kari K. Steele

Cook County Circuit Court

Harry J. Fournier  4th Subcircuit- Riley Vacancy


Retention Elections

Moshe Jacobius  YES
Stuart F. Lubin  YES
Raymond Funderburk YES
Robert Lopez Cepero  YES
Garritt E. Howard  YES
E. Kenneth Wright Jr.  YES
Lisa Ruble Murphy  YES
James M. Varga  YES
Camille E. Willis  YES
Maura Slattery Boyle  YES
Thomas David Roti  YES
Colleen F. Sheehan  YES
Orville E. Hambright  YES
Michael J. Howlett, Jr.  YES
Carl Anthony Walker  YES
Gloria Chevere  YES
Grace G. Dickler  YES
Carol M. Howard  YES
Diane M. Shelley  YES

Illinois Constitutional Amendment 



City of Chicago Referendum

"Shall the City of Chicago have the authority to arrage for the supply of electricity..." 


"Should the State of Illinois provide funding for the normal cost of pensions for Chicago teachers ..." 


"Shall the U.S. Constitution pass a bill, to be ratified..." (to reverse Citizens United) 


"Shall each member of the Board of School District 299, known as the Chicago Board of Education, be elected by voters of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois?






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