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IVI-IPO Endorsed candidates
in FEBRUARY 22, 2011 Municipal Election


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Mayor Miguel Del Valle
Clerk Susana A. Mendoza
Treasurer Stephanie D. Neely

1st Ward Proco "Joe" Moreno
2nd Ward   Robert Fioretti
3rd Ward Pat Dowell
4th Ward   William "Will" Burns
5th Ward   Leslie Hairston
6th Ward   No Endorsement
7th Ward   Sandi Jackson
8th Ward No Endorsement
9th Ward Anthony Beale
10th Ward   No Application
11th Ward   No Application
12th Ward   No Endorsement
13th Ward   No Application
14th Ward No Contest
15th Ward   No Endorsement
16th Ward   No Endorsement
17th Ward   David H. Moore
18th Ward   Michael A. Davis
19th Ward No Endorsement
20th Ward   Che "Rhymefest" Smith
21st Ward   No Endorsement
22nd Ward No Application
23rdWard Charles "Chuck" Maida
24th Ward Valerie F. Leonard
25th Ward Ambrosio " Ambi" Medrano, Jr.
26th Ward No Application
27th Ward   Walter Burnett, Jr.
28th Ward   Jason C. Ervin
29th Ward   Deborah L. Graham
30th Ward   No Endorsement
31st Ward   Esteban Burgoa
32nd Ward   Scott Waguespack
33rd Ward   No Application
34th Ward   Burl L. McQueen
35th Ward   Miguel Sotomayor
36th Ward   No Endorsement
37th Ward   No Application
38th Ward   No Endorsement
39th Ward   No Endorsement
40th Ward   No Contest
41st Ward   No Endorsement
42nd Ward   No Contest
43rd Ward   Charles E. Eastwood
44th Ward   No Contest
45th Ward   John Arena
46th Ward   Don Nowotny
47th Ward   No Endorsement
48th Ward   Harry Osterman
49th Ward   Joe Moore
50th Ward   Greg Brewer

All Candidates for the 2011 municipal elections were invited to fill out our questionnaire.

"No Contest"  Wards which ahave only one candidate on the ballot.  IVI-IPO does not endorse in unopposed races.

"No Endorsement" Candidates applied and IVI-IPO Membership Interviewing committees did not find any candidates they wished to endorse

"No Application"  Candidates choose not to apply for endorsement




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