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IVI-IPO Endorsed candidates
in November 2, 2010 General Election


General Election

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US Senator Alexi Giannoulias
Governor Pat Quinn
Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Comptroller David Miller
Treasurer Robin Kelly
2th District   Jesse Jackson Jr.
3th District Laurel Lambert Schmidt
4th District   Robert J. Burns
7th District   Danny K. Davis
10th District   Daniel J. Seals
14th District   Daniel J. Kairis
15th District Dr. David Gill
18th District Deirdre "DK" Hirner
State Senate    
7th District   Heather Steans
22nd District   Michael Noland
State Representative
7th District Karen Yarbrough
11th District   Ann Williams
12th District   Sara Feigenholtz
18th District   Robyn Gabel
26th District   Will Burns
39th District Jeremy Karpen
47th District   James "Jim" Speta
50th District   Kay Hatcher
55th District Gregory Brownfield
57th District Elaine Nekritz
58th District Karen May
65th District Rosemary Mulligan
74th District Elizabeth Double
79th District George Oschenfeld
Water Reclamation District
(vote for three)     
Nadine Bopp  
Barbara McGowan    
Mariyana Spyropoulos
Cook County    
County Board President   Toni Preckwinkle
County Assessor   Forrest Claypool
County Clerk David Orr
County Sheriff Thomas Dart
County Treasurer Maria Pappas
Board of Review 1st District   Brendan Houlihan
Cook County Board of Commissioners
2nd District Robert Steele
3rd District Jerry " Iceman" Butler
5th District Miriam Shabo
9th District Peter Silvestri
12th District John A. Fritchey
13th District Larry Suffredin
14th District Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

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