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We live in interesting times. And they are terrifying. We have a President and Congress determined to suppress voter participation, reduce our civil liberties, legalize discrimination, eliminate reproductive freedom, shred the social safety net, and despoil our environment. Our state government is dysfunctional, while infrastructure crumbles, our schools are unfunded, and billions of dollars of unpaid bills wreak havoc on state vendors and service providers. The fallout from federal and state action and inaction has created an untenable burden on local government finances, resulting in service reductions and tax increases in counties and municipalities across the state.

We live in interesting times. But they are hopeful. People across this nation have mobilized against the cruel policies of the right-wing zealots occupying the White House and Congress. Young people are more motivated and active than at any time since the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 60s. "Moderate" Democrats are awaking to the reality that their appeasement policies of the past have failed and are increasingly embracing the liberal agenda. And growing numbers of Republicans have signaled their disgust with the extremists leading their party.

The 2018 election promises to be a very interesting time indeed. IVI-IPO kicked off our 2018 election programming last month with a gubernatorial forum at our annual Dinner, featuring all of the announced challengers. Next month our Board will meet to begin implementation of our legislative and political campaigns to promote our agenda of social and economic justice and government reform. In January we will hold endorsement sessions for candidates up and down the ballot - from Governor to County Board and everything in between.

We want to pick the best candidates to champion our liberal/reform agenda and we need you to be part of this process. If you re-join IVI-IPO by September 20, you will be eligible to vote in statewide and countywide races, and in the congressional, legislative, and county board contests in your district.

Please click here to renew your dues and come back to IVI-IPO for this exciting and crucial political season. We can accomplish great things when we all pull together. And have a very interesting time, as well.


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