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Endorsed Candidates for the 2018 Primary Election

Attorney General - D

Kwame Raoul

Cook County Board President - D

Toni Preckwinkle

Cook County Assessor - D

Frederick "Fritz" Kaegi

Metropolitan Water Reclamaton Commisioner

6 Year Term - D (vote for 3)

Marcelino Garcia
Debra Shore
Kari Steele

2 Year Term - D

Kimberly DuBuclet


2nd District - D

Robin Kelly

4th District - D

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

5th District - D

Sameena Mustafa

6th District - D

Amanda Howland

7th District - D

Danny K. Davis

9th District - R

John D. Elleson

12th District - R

Preston Nelson

14th District - D

George Weber

15th District - D

Carl Spoerer

16th District - D

Amy "Murri" Briel

18th District - D

Darrel Miller

Democratic State Central Committee

2nd District Committeeman

Al Riley

2nd District Commiteewoman

Robin Kelly

3rd District Committeewoman

Rebecca Davies

5th District Committeewoman

Melissa Lindberg

6th District Committeeman

Patrick Watson

7th District Committeeman

Danny K. Davis

State Senate

8th District - D

Caroline McAteer

20th District - D

Iris Y. Martinez

27th District - D

Ann Gillespie

54th District - R

George Barber

State Representative

1st District - D

Aaron Ortiz

4th District - D

Anne Shaw

5th District - D

Lamont J. Robinson

14th District - D

Kelly M. Cassidy

17th District - D

Mary Rita Luecke

19th District - D

Robert Martwick

25th District - D

Grace Chan McKibben

38th District - D

David Bonner

42nd District - R

Burt Minor

47th District - D

Anne Sommerkamp

67th District - D

Valeri DeCastris

107th District - R

Laura A. Myers

Cook County Board Commissioner

1st District - D

Richard R. Boykin

2nd District - D

Dennis Deer

3rd District - D

Bill Lowry

4th District - D

Maria M. Barlow

7th District - D

Alma Anaya

10th District - D

Bridget Gainer

12th District - D

John Fritchey

13th District - D

Larry Suffredin

17th District - D

Abdelnasser Rashid

Cook County Circuit Court Judges

Countywide Brewer Vacancy - D

Kathryn Maloney Vahey

Countywide Dooling Vacancy - D

Timothy John Leeming

Countywide Jordan Vacancy - D

Jerry Barrido

Countywide McGinnis Vacancy - D

Bradley R. Trowbridge

1st Subcircuit Hambright Vacancy - D

Litricia Payne

2nd Subcircuit Lampkin Vacancy - D

Fredrick H. Bates

2nd Subcircuit Laws Vacancy - D

William H. Laws

2nd Subcircuit Willis Vacancy - D

Debra A. Seaton

5th Subcircuit Banks Vacancy - D

H. Yvonne Coleman

5th Subcircuit Jones Vacancy - D

Marian Emily Perkins

5th Subcircuit Washington II Vacancy - D

Robert Harris

6th Subcircuit Chevere Vacancy - D

Kent Delgado

6th Subcircuit Cooke Vacancy - D

Charles "Charlie" Beach

6th Subcircuit Lopez-Cepero Vacancy - D

Stephanie K. Miller

8th Subcircuit Fabri Vacancy - D

James "Jamie" Shapiro

8th Subcircuit Liu Vacancy - D

Lindsay Hugé

8th Subcircuit Pethers Vacancy - D

Jeanne Marie Wrenn

10th Subcircuit O'Neill Burke Vacancy - D

Lorraine Murphy

10th Subcircuit Suriano Vacancy - D

Jill Rose Quinn

11th Subcircuit Kennedy Vacancy - D

Joanne F. Rosado

12th Subcircuit Maki Vacancy - D

Joel Chupack

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